Greetings. This year I have taken the responsibility of updating the blog on behalf of my parents. For those who don't know me, I am Nina. My parents invited me along to Myanmar as their graduation present. Within each chapter of this blog I aim to share with you my very first visit to the orphanage in Mawlamyine. 

When I say my parents wanted to throw me in the deep end, this is a very light way of putting things. The adventure began with a ten hour train journey from Yangon. It was very atmospheric with lots of people getting on and off selling traditional snacks. Due to its very slow pace, it was easy for the vendors to accomplish this. I shared a seat with a resident mouse and a few more of his friends around the carriage. The windows were massive on either side and the most stunning scenery caught your eye and made you forget reality. However upon approaching the villages you couldn't help but notice the damage caused by the flooding to the houses built solely out of straw.


Upon arrival we each hopped on a motorbike and arrived to our guesthouse. The excitement grew as we rushed to the orphanage to say hello. I was not expecting at all to be greeted with such warmth. The children rushed out and hugged all of us with such affection. The look of joy on their faces was all I needed to immediately feel at ease.

The head monk runs the orphanage and he speaks absolutely no English but his laughter and big smile needed no translation. I got introduced and everyone was so welcoming.