After cooking for Prince Andrew


Hibernia Restaurant was started in 1987 when Raoul and Mary Pat moved to Anguilla. In 2000, they added an art galleryIn May 2012  they added  a new wine cellar to display the exceptional collection they purchased from the Malliouhana Hotel. 

Sitting dramatically above the fishing village of Island Harbour, this unique place is decorated with oriental works of art collected during their annual 3 month trip to Asia. This influence extends to Raoul’s cooking style as he uses this experience to adapt exotic recipes to suit local produce.

Raoul, who has represented Anguilla on an international level, has formal training from the Ecole Hoteliere of Strasbourg, France, and cooking schools in Thailand, Laos and Hong Kong.

 Mary Pat runs the dining room and will advise you on the menu and wine selection. The wines are purchased personally in France from their favourite wine producers

While perhaps not the place for traditionalists, the menu offers ample reward to more adventurous palates as Raoul and Mary Pat blend their passions & idiosyncrasies to create the ultimate dining experience.

Sometimes "what's great" gets lost in the flurry of "what's new".... this small, out-of-the-way restaurant continues, year after year, to be one of the Caribbean's finest. "Passport Newsletter"

Going into our 25th year in Anguilla, we are touched by the support of our many loyal customers. Our somewhat out of the way location, delightful as it is, sets us an advertising challenge, so we often ask customers how they found us. Frequently the answer is “someone recommended you.” Such support is gratifying and from the very bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Raoul & Mary Pat



       Telephone: (1) 264.497.4290