This morning we brought all the children's books and educational games to add some fun to the teaching process. The teachers also get involved as we explained all the rules so that they can continue to use all the materials once we leave. The children are very eager to learn and try very hard. Thanks to your contributions they have full-time permanent teachers. Although they are still a bit uneasy speaking English I was amazed at how fluent they are reading it. With the continued support you give, by next year there will definitely be a great improvement as they portray such enthusiasm. We have also requested that they put into place optional English evening classes for the students who want to progress faster. They have also been able to build an additional classroom upstairs in the newly built second building.


After a morning of reciting the alphabet and playing games we head out for an afternoon walk up a hill to an amazing temple with incredible views of the town. This outing was on foot so we were able to take all the children who wanted to come along. Raoul, MP and I headed out with 25 kids all running around on their little legs. I can assure you the whole town watched us troop through the streets and up the hill. The eldest girl was our tour guide and she took such pride in showing us around.