The Hibernia Art Gallery adjoining the restaurant opened in 2000 when we  decided to ship back artifacts to Anguilla from our annual three month traveling trips.

Our first trip was throughout South America. On other trips we collected art from Eastern Europe and on our latest journeys, we visited Japan, Burma, Laos, Thailand & Indonesia.

The collection reflects our personal taste and is really anything that we find to be beautiful in any medium and every price range.  

Typically art galleries exhibit art on a consignment basis.  But getting the art to Anguilla is difficult… We must actually buy, ship and import everything.  So we treat our art buying trips like a treasure hunt. If something does not sell we must love it enough to be happy to keep it.

 We search to discover unknown artists with talent to help them on their way and we try to keep our prices reasonable.

As well as paintings, the gallery has many other types of artifacts, for example:

 silk tapestries from remoted villages in northen Laos, unique hand-made silver jewelry pieces,  buffalo bone ornaments, small to life size stone and wood carvings,  tribal hand-crafts and bronze sculptures                                                                                    .           

 For items that are too large for you to carry home by hand, we will pack them up & organize shipping to anywhere in the world.

The gallery, like the restaurant, reflects the influence of our long annual travels and is an enjoyable experience to visit.

It is open during Hibernia Restaurant’s hours and any other time if someone is there preparing the food or setting up the restaurant

If you are touring around Anguilla, it makes a nice stop for lunch and if you go to Hibernia for dinner, it is also open all evening.

At other times the gallery can also be visited by giving us a call  at  # 497 4290.  We are usually not more than 5 minutes away!

Because the gallery stock is always changing, the photos we have posted here are only representative.



 Telephone: (1) 264.497.4290